Sins & Authors – Interview with Misty Provencher

Sins & Authors Okay this is a pretty awesome Friday. You know why? Cuz I’m hear with the hilarious Ima-Onya Son…er, Misty Provencher, author of the beloved Cornerstone Series (I’m proud to say I have this on my Kindle before I even knew who she was! Yep, highly recommended, folks). Anyway, Misty and I get down to brass tacks and discuss anti-heroes and belly-button tattoos. And man harems. Yes, Misty sure a screw loose but that’s why we love her. In fact, I may just team up with her and pull a con on Ellie Watt. Don’t tell her, mmmk?

KH: Welcome Misty! So, I’m curious…you only recently came across Sins & Needles – what possessed you to pick it up?

MP: Actually, I was inspecting your font, you crafty girl. I had used a similar font on a cover I was working on and your font caught my eye. Then I was like, WHAT A COOL TITLE, DAMN DAMN DAMN, I SHOULDA THOUGHT OF THAT…WHY WHY WHY LORD??

And the cover was rockin and I got busy kicking myself over that and then I read the blurb. After that I was all like Joey on Friends, like…Hey, Sins & Needles, aka awesome looking book with the cool blurb…how you doin’? And BLAM! I bought the book.

KH: My cover artist, Naj, came up with that. I LOVE the cover too! So, describe our heroine Ellie Watt in one sentence. Do it now. Do it! *shakes fist*

MP: Ellie Watt. The girl is real. I loved her complexity, actually. I thought you were artful as hell the way Ellie wasn’t a saint and ended up a slightly redeemed sinner. Almost. I can’t say much without giving away, so I won’t. But I might just be calling you The Artful Dodger, Ms. Karina. Well done.

KH: I could used more nicknames. All right. Next question. There are no heroes in this series, only anti-heroes. True or false? Discuss

MP: Anti-heroes, true. But I think that when you understand anybody’s motives and perspective–really understand it–there aren’t any criminals. There are monkey wrenches and elbow pipes and patch jobs, but not really any criminals. That’s what I enjoyed about this story and your subsequent book. You gave us perspectives and sorted out the tool box, ran us through the pipes so we understood why things went the way they did. I loved that.

KH: If you were alone on a deserted island with Camden or Javier, what would you do?

MP: Alone on a deserted with Cam & Javie? I’d keep those boys on opposite sides of the island and visit them like sister wives. I’d have myself a little hot-boy harem. I mean, I’m assuming I’m not married and normal and shiz in this scenario, yes?

KH: But of course! If you had to get a tattoo from Camden, what would it be?

MP: I’d have him tattoo his social security number on my belly button. So I could track his butt down whenever I wanted. Ya know, I’m filling this out a little late at nightish…I don’t think I’m usually this stalkeratzi, but then again, you said Camden, right?

KH: Hey, nothing wrong with stalking. If you had to pull a con with Ellie, what con would you pull?

MP: Easy. I’d steal both those boys away from her. It couldn’t be a long con though. I’d have to get down to it. Heh heh heh (Wow. Later it gets, the more letchy I get. *sigh*)

KH: I could help you with that! OK. If you had to pull a con on Javier, what would your alias be and could you see yourself sleeping with the enemy?

MP: A con on Javier? Sure. My alias would be Ima Onya-Sun. A nice orientalish name to throw him off. Wait, that wasn’t the objective in this con, was it. Rats. The objective to my con would BE to sleep with the enemy. Have you read that guy’s stats? *looks at Karina’s audience* I mean, seriously. Don’t tell me you all have read those stats and aren’t thinking of snagging that boy’s virtue too ~ eh hem.

KH: Oh, they’ve all thought of it. We have the Cornerstone series, Gargoyle and Hale Mare, what are you writing next?

MP: I’m finishing up the final book (CAPSTONE) in the Cornerstone Series right now, working on another Gargoyle book AND (yaaaaaaaaahooo) I got a bizaree sci-fi-fantasy-whoop-whoop book coming at you early next year. Thank you for asking and thanks for having me over to blah blah with you, Karina! I’ve really enjoyed your work!

KH: Well thank YOU for blah blahing with me, Misty. And hello, lemme at this sci-fi-fantasy-whoop-whoop book! Who doesn’t love a good whoop whoop book?

Misty Provencher
She is the author of the YA Fantasy series, Cornerstone, Hale Maree and Full of Grace, and Mercy, A Gargoyle Story


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