And now for something completely different


I’m a lifelong lover of Monty Python so I’ve been dying to incorporate them into a blog post. This works perfectly.

Because, really, now is the time for something completely different. I’m taking an extremely short break from the Experiment in Terror Series to work on something that’s a lot like the video. FISH-SLAPPING!

Actually no, but it does involve rabid monkeys and lots of laughs.

Back in 2004/2005 I wrote a romantic comedy script called THE TRAVEL DIARY which then later became WANDERLUST. Which is now called Wandered, lusted because DAMN YOU JENNIFER ANISTON you stole my movie title (but not damn Paul Rudd, I could never damn you Paul Rudd). The script was mildly successful in attracting interest from producers but alas, the companies that really liked the script could never afford to make it. The movie would have been set in Europe, on the Mediterranean to be exact, and that would have put it into a high budget bracket. Factor in the rabid monkeys and a big climax on a ferry and, well, who would take a risk on wee screenwriter like myself.

Fast forward to 2012. I’m in the midst of my delightfully macabre but emotionally draining Experiment in Terror Series. I’ve plotted out Book #5, On Demon Wings, in detail and am ready to jump right in but….but…

I’m not ready for it. It’s not going to be an easy breezy covergirl book to write. It’s going to be emotional and scary and difficult and I’m just not “there” yet. It’s a commitment I must make, of being a crazy person for the next few months as Perry’s story becomes my story.

So, while I plan to start ODW in a few weeks and attack it with guns a blazing, I decided to start with an appetizer. An amuse bouche if you will (well, it is a-muse-ing, cue Chandler Bing).

I’m adapting my script Wandered, Lusted into a novel. An adult contemporary fluffy (but not too fluffy I’M STILL ME) funny romantic read. With heart. And a loveable main character called Chris Warner whom I am a bit in love with. And a girl-guy trading of POVs. And a nice bout of escapism on the sunny Mediterranean. Ahhhhh, just feel the sea breeze, smell the lemons on the trees. And it’s a stand-alone too, which is rare these days in the land of sequels and series (ahem, EIT 8 books).

Want more info? Here’s the official blurb:

“The holiday from hell just got ugly.

As if getting dumped on his vacation wasn’t enough, British journalist Chris Warner finds himself stranded on the Mediterranean with a desperate boss pushing deadlines down his throat and an uncertain future.

Enter Jamie Cooper, a free spirited and slightly unstable travel writer whose arrival only seems to make matters worse. All Chris wants is to get back to London, win back his ex and start climbing up the corporate ladder. Unfortunately, Jamie has different plans for him and the mayhem that follows turns both their lives upside down and up again.

“Wandered, lusted” is a rowdy romantic comedy about two active yet aching characters who embark on a journey through hell, high water and a lot of wine, in order to find themselves, each other and a misplaced diary that holds the key to their happiness.”

This is going to be a fun little summer fling before I settle down with Ms. Perry Palomino and Mr. Dex Foray. I’m still torn whether I should self-publish or seek traditional publishing for Wandered, lusted, but I’ll let you know how it goes!