The best contest in the entire world – 5 chances to win

To drum up attention for The Artists Trilogy, I’m holding a contest.

An amazing contest.

There are three damn awesome prizes.

The first prize? The WINNER will get a three-page scene written about them. They will be with characters of their choosing from either The Artists Trilogy, Experiment in Terror or The Devil’s Metal (no crossovers, that messes with space time continuum). The scene will be of the winner’s choice…if you want a threesome with Camden and Javier, you can do that. If you want to hunt ghosts with Perry and Dex, you can do that too. This is YOUR scene. The scene will then be sent to you and with your permission it can be shared on my website and FB (if it’s too dirty, you can opt to keep it private).

The second prize? There’s actually three winners for the second prize. The three winners will be written into a one-page scene with chosen characters of The Artists Trilogy. I’m the boss in this one, you are just the players. The scene WILL be shared on my website and on Facebook.

The third prize? A $50 GC to my Redbubble merch store and a $50 GC to Amazon/B&N



You have to change either your FB profile picture OR your Goodreads profile picture OR your Twitter avatar to one of the images below:

on every streetshooting scars (1)sins and needlesteam gus buttonteam camden buttonteam javier buttonteamellie

You must keep it up until August 21st. I (and my team) will be checking to make sure you do, if it changes before then you are disqualifiedΒ IF you change your Goodreads or Twitter pic, please comment below and leave a link so that I can see it. IF you change your FB photo, you have to comment on my FACEBOOK wall so that I can see it there (sometimes links to FB don’t work because of privacy settings).

Basically, change your social media profile pic to any of the images above and show me that you did. Easy peasy.

(oh and you can cycle through all of those photos, so as long as they are the ones chosen above).

FOR AN EXTRA ENTRY (note you still must do the above)

Share one of the following pictures below on your Facebook wall.


Share one of the following pictures below on your Goodreads wall.

TAT collage

ellie watt teaserCamden mcqueen teaserjavier bernal teaserOR share any of the countdown pics I’ve been releasing on Facebook! It’s four days now πŸ™‚ Of course, let me know that you’ve shared the pics!

SO THAT IS THE CONTEST! I hope you can all enter, I’m excited about writing about my readers πŸ˜€


119 responses to “The best contest in the entire world – 5 chances to win

  1. I’m doing all three- πŸ˜€
    I changed my GR Profile pic-

    Posted it on my general status wall in GR-

    Shared on FB wall-

  2. Hi. I don’t know how to copy all the links from my phone. But I shared the countdown (as I’ve been doing lol)! On FB and twitter. Shares the links for contest on FB and twitter.

    I also changed my profile pics on FB twitter and GR. My name on FB and GR is Angelica Gomez and twitter is @simplyangel830. Hope this qualifies lol but I hope more people read this amazing series more!

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