Bold Tricks is now OUT + sexy teaser

Bold Tricks is out NOW! If you haven’t gotten started on The Artists Trilogy (Hachette) yet, now is your time. You can buy ALL the books in the series from Amazon and other online retailers (B&N, KOBO, iTunes, etc), starting with book #1, Sins & Needles.

This gritty “twisted romance” (says RT Book Reviews) has got readers everywhere up in a knot.

TAT collage

Need some convincing? How about a short little teaser…<3

He reached down and slowly unbuttoned my blouse until my breasts were bare and spread before him – he wasn’t the only one going commando. He trailed his fingers over my flesh, goosebumps rising in his wake, and tugged lightly at my nipple ring. I groaned and arched my back, offering myself to him, needing more.

But he wasn’t in a hurry, not tonight. He slowly made his way from my breasts to my abdomen, kissing and licking over my stomach, concentrating his mouth there as if willing his seed to be planted. He finished untying my pants and cautiously pulled them off, taking it slow around my leg.

“Does this hurt?” he whispered as he held my damaged leg in his hand, his eyes roaming all over my naked body.

I shook my head no. “Not right now.”


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