Veiled (Ada Palomino #1)

An Experiment in Terror Spin-off series

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CoverComingSoon-e1371941225358Seventeen-year old Ada Palomino tries her best to be a normal teenager. Partying with boys on the weekend, updating her fashion blog and trying to get into the design school of her choice should be the only things in her life right now.

But they aren’t.

Ever since she was fifteen, Ada has had this uncanny ability to communicate with the dead, much like her older sister Perry. But while Perry has learned to tame this gift, Ada’s is just getting started. When she meets a mysterious young man called Jacob at a wedding, she finds herself falling for him, despite the warnings from her family and those on the other side of the thin veil.

Because Ada is no ordinary woman.

And Jacob is no ordinary man.

And the results of them together could be catastrophic.

*This is a spin-off of the Experiment in Terror Series*


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