Book Reviews

This is a hard thing to keep track of. Most book blogs also post their reviews to Ama­zon and Good Reads and that’s where you can get the whole spec­trum of people’s opin­ions, from “I hated it” to “meh” to “I loved it” to “Best book ever Imma gonna die omg.”

Experiment in Terror series

Praise for Darkhouse:

”Have you ever heard the expres­sion “book hang­over”? Well, for me, a book hang­over hap­pens when you find a book that com­pletely con­sumes you. It is all you can think about, and you walk around in a stu­por for a few days. Guess what? That hap­pened to me when I read Dark­house.” — Book­ish Babes

“A super thrill ride of a book. I devoured this book, seri­ously I did not want to put it down. I’m a big fan of ghost sto­ries and ghost hunt­ing in gen­eral so pick­ing this up was a no-brainer for me.” — Naughty Between the Stacks

“Enter Perry Palomino’s world and expect to be riv­eted to your seat with the creepy story with para­nor­mal over­tures. This book was a mes­mer­iz­ing read. At times, I found myself grip­ping the book tightly and turn­ing the pages with the light on. Creepy atmos­phere pre­vails in this story leav­ing goose­bumps in its wake.” — Earth’s Book Nook

“Dark­house by Karina Halle has to be the first book in many years to make me glad to be read­ing dur­ing the day. It was creepy, excit­ing, hilar­i­ous and down right one of the most enter­tain­ing books that made me want to hug my pil­low.” — See­ing Night Reviews

“Dark­house turned out unlike any­thing I’d expected. It drew me in from page one, with its easy-to-relate to, flawed but love­able char­ac­ters, its fast pace, the unpre­dictable plot twists and its eerie, sur­real atmos­phere. If you’re search­ing for the scari­est book of this sea­son, then search no more. Dark­house is exactly what you’re look­ing for.” — I Heart Reading

Praise for Red Fox

“Perry and Dex are two charis­matic and slightly crazy char­ac­ters that carry you in kick­ing and scream­ing along for the ride. So far it’s been an awe­some ride and I can’t wait to see where they go in the next.” — Naughty Between the Stacks

“The story itself deals with a new adven­ture or should I say, night­mar­ish week­end. This time con­fronting Navajo mythol­ogy, includ­ing skin­walk­ers, and framed by a New Mex­ico set­ting. Red Fox is unique because although it has a sim­i­lar thread when com­pared to Dark­house (the para­nor­mal) it is not the same story, dif­fer­ent set­ting. I liked the vari­a­tion from haunt­ing ghosts to Navajo shapeshifters and the char­ac­ters reac­tions to the expe­ri­ence through their inex­pe­ri­ence” – Bitsy Bling Books

“Once again Halle cap­ti­vated me with her writ­ing and unfor­get­table char­ac­ters, I hope to read many more adven­tures with her ghost hunt­ing gang and that more creepy sto­ries are to come. I felt that Red Fox wasn’t as scary as Dark­house but I loved that it was a dif­fer­ent para­nor­mal ele­ment, hav­ing them go on a dif­fer­ent mys­te­ri­ous adven­ture every time is more excit­ing. Over­all I highly rec­om­mend the Exper­i­ment in Ter­ror series!” — See­ing Night Reviews

Praise for Come Alive

“Come Alive has everything Experiment in Terror fans have been waiting for – incredibly hot sex, an ominous setting, and answers to some of your most burning questions. This book made me violent, made me scream, made me cry, and turned everything I thought I knew upside down.”  — Reading Books Like a Boss

“This series is so much more than boy meets girl meets ghost. It’s the union of two flawed people trying to survive in a world that is determined to tear them apart.”  — My Book Muse

Praise for Sins & Needles

“Dark, gritty, and sexy as hell, Sins & Needles is pure perfection for fans of contemporary novels with a dangerous edge. It will leave you begging for more, in that blubbering, unattractive way of yours.”  — Xpresso Reads

“Brace yourselves for a wild, blow your hair back ride! It’s a dark, captivating tale replete with suspense, deception, romance, and redemption. It will leave you reeling and not just wanting, but demanding more Ellie and Camden.” — The Book Asylum