My first Radio Interview, Why Book Bloggers Are Awesome, etc

I’ve been on television before (Inside Edition, a long story) so you’d think that a radio interview would have been a piece of cake for me.

Er, no. I mean, it went very well. Sheena was a fantastic host and had all the right questions to ask me. But I was an exhausted pile of nerves by the time it was all over. It was a LIVE interview…45 minutes long! That’s INSANE. But I got through it, so anything else will be golden after this. And I’d love to be on the show again, Sheena and I have way too much in common and I can’t pass up any chance to blabber on about my novels 🙂

You can listen to the interview in mp3 format by clicking HERE – just make sure to download the Monday, July 18th show. I go on at 6:05PM and I talk about a whole range of stuff from Sasquatch (yeah, what?), to why I’m a “Baby Hitchcock” (best compliment EVER!), and how I might be going crazy with Perry and Dex living in my head. Anyway, you may learn something, so listen…if you dare.

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