The Devil’s Metal tour: Week 1 highlights

Well it’s the end of Week One of The Devil’s Metal tour – here are some highlights!


• Simply Infatuated –
• Reading in Winter –
• Supa Gurl Books After Hours –
• Sinfully Delicious Book Reviews –
• Ginger Reads –

Guest Posts:

• Interview with tour manager Jacob –

• Stranger than Fiction – what real life events inspired The Devil’s Metal
• Q&A –

And outside of the blog tour here are some well-written and thought-provoking reviews:

• Stephanie Parent, author of Defy the Stars (yay, an author read my book…and loved it!) –

• Bookish Babes (WITH A GIVEAWAY!)-

• The Indie Bookshelf –

• Beckoned by Books –

AAAAAND The Devil’s Metal nabbed the #9 spot of the best-selling books on Smashwords:

WHEW! What a week 🙂


The Devil’s Metal is now LIVE!

Tattooed rock stars, outrageous groupies, hot sex and….the 1970’s? Wait, there’s demons in this too?

Yup. That’s The Devil’s Metal. My first non-Experiment in Terror novel is finally out there for you all to enjoy. And I think you will enjoy it – it’s a fun, wild ride that will have you turning the pages. I can say this because I read it last night and I was on the edge of my seat…somehow I forgot I wrote it and that’s always a good sign in my books 😉

Anyhoo, here is the Amazon Kindle link:

And here’s the Smashwords link (and YES it will come to Nook in a few weeks or so but for now, download the epub from Smashwords…its easy peasy):

Paperbacks should be available from Amazon next week too 🙂

Thanks so much for your support everyone xx00

The Devil’s Metal paperback looksee

Woo hoo! Paperbacks of The Devil’s Metal should be coming out next week and of course the e-versions will be out this Friday! I can’t wait to hold a copy of this in my hands…


I’m also sending this to a few real rock stars on my Xmas list. Sweeeeeeet m/

Anyway, I hope you;re as excited for the release as I am…*bounces*

See you all Friday!

The Devil’s Metal – Teaser #5

So the book is currently in my editor’s hands, and to my surprise, she’s loving it! (hey, she can be a very picky, hard-assed reader lol – I love you Kara! But I bite my nails when I wait for your opinion! LOL)

Been hearing back from my beta readers too and so far, they love it! Some quotes below that I’ve taken from some emails:

Kass says: Sage. SIGH. New fiction love interest haha.

I can’t get over how much I loved this book. The characters we so.well.done.

The sex scenes were AMAZING. Pretty hot, everything I want in a sex scene. Definitely made me squirm. You sure do know how to write those!

I hope other EIT fans give it a chance. It’s brilliant 🙂

A definite 5-star book. LOVED it 🙂

Emmy says: Damn. I love your crazy, brilliant mind. I LOVE THE END! Those last 2 chapters.. FANTASTIC. *shouty caps necessary*

The sex scene was something else. Not very sweet at all but they were horny and I can only image someone like Sage taking the reigns for the first show down. The cock tease part was hella hot!

I LOVE LOVE LOVE how strong Dawn was.

This was 5 stars for sure. Loved it.

And they are both HUGE EIT fans, so their praise means a lot to me. I gotta say, it’s really, really hard to write your first non-EIT book (I can only imagine the pressure on JK Rowling for the Casual Vacancy). There’s a lot of pressure to write something great, distinctive and addictive. Something that EIT fans will enjoy but will also attract new fans. I hope I’ve done this here, but regardless, I had a load of fun.

NOW – The Devi’s Metal teaser #4 (unedited – may change prior to publication)

It happened in the blink of an eye. He lunged across the gap and pushed me down onto the bed by my shoulders, his incredible weight on my body, hips crushing into my hips. He pinned my arms above my head. His face was inches from mine, lips curled angrily, wired eyes searching my widened ones.

“You say that so easily,” he growled near my lips. “A rough few days. Is that what you think this is? Just a rough few days?”

“N-no,” I said squirming beneath him. I didn’t fear Sage. But I feared men when they had too much to drink.

“I thought you were different, Dawn. The only one on this tour left with a heart and soul.” His eyes flared with indignation.

“I am different,” I protested, so conscious of the proximity of his mouth to mine. I stopped squirming and let his hands hold my arms to the bed. If he wanted to feel powerful, I was going to let him. But I was going to get what I wanted too.

“You have no idea what I’ve been through,” he told me. His demeanor softened and his grip on my wrists loosened. He still kept his face as close as possible, whether to intimidate or tease, I wasn’t sure. I did know I wasn’t about to back down.

“I have some idea,” I whispered, my eyes volleying with his. “But I’d like it if you could tell me the rest.”

“Are you here to make me feel? Is that part of the plan?” he sneered delicately.

I blinked at him. Feel? Feel what?

The Devil’s Metal – Teaser #4

WOO HOO! I am pleased, so fucking pleased, to announce that The Devil’s Metal has been completed (1st draft anyway). It was a fun, hellish ride and I’m grateful to my friends, fans and beta-readers for encouraging me to keep going with it. I feel like I’ve been on a hot, smelly tour bus with a bunch of fucked up rock stars for two weeks. yeesh. LET ME OFF!

Now that it’s all done, I can safely say that I don’t think the book can be compared to anything…except Almost Famous. And In the Mouth of Madness. And Jennifer’s Body. And The Devil’s Advocate. And Final Destination. And so on. OK, well you’ll have to see for yourselves.

Here’s Teaser #4 – as my beta reader Emmy pointed out, EIT “theorists” might be intrigued (do note, as usual, this is unedited).

Eventually Jacob noticed something was going on. Or he’d always noticed and had waited for the right time to bring it up. With normal Jacob flavor, it happened to be a few minutes before the show.

“Tell me what’s on your mind, Rusty,” he said dryly as we stood at the side of the stage. He was running a nail file underneath his nails and flicking out the dirt.

“I got a call from Barry today.”


“He said he’d been receiving some letters about me.”

“Oh?” he repeated, a bit more interested.

“If I didn’t know better I’d say that Terri or one of the other Get The Fuck Outs is behind it. It kind of gels with what you said back…well whatever city that was in. That it was groupie high school.”

His golden eyes remained on his nails. “Oh yes, ain’t that the truth, love.”

“So, that’s going on. I’m mildly freaked out.” I crossed my arms feeling a chill.

“I can see that. I don’t blame you. Do you think these girls are…dangerous?” he said the last word like it was laden in silk.

I gave him a weird look. “You tell me! I’ve just learned who they are. You’ve dealt with them longer.”

He exhaled sharply through his nose and finally looked me in the eye. His red hair flamed under the stage lights, giving him a hellish aura. “Everyone has the chance to become dangerous. If the right weather patterns are created, if the right feelings are invoked…feelings of injustice. Jealousy. Feelings of being owed something they believe they have a right to have. To…collect. We all have it in us to become a danger, either to others or to ourselves. It’s a matter if the right clouds are brewing. Certain clouds will create a storm.”

“And?” I egged him on impatiently. “What clouds are brewing? Are these groupies dangerous or not? Do I need to start sleeping with a switchblade underneath my pillow?”

A slow smile spread across his rough lips. Then he shrugged and turned his attention back to cleaning his nails. “Couldn’t hurt, could it?”

Oooh, that Jacob! Anyway, I’m doing a giveaway on my FB page here:

Giving a way a pair of Hybrid undies (Medium) and an e-format ARC of The Devil’s Metal! To enter, leave a thoughtful comment (just one) on the FB post. I’ll do a draw in a week for one lucky winner. Open worldwide.




The Devil’s Metal – Teaser #3

Another snippet.

I’m finishing up the first draft of the book today. This is exciting. Home stretch. I will probably do an awesome giveaway on Facebook tomorrow to celebrate this huge achievement when it’s all said and done, so stay tuned.

Here’s the third teaser from The Devil’s Metal. Sage and Dawn’s relationship doesn’t exactly get off to the smoothest start. (keep in mind this is unedited).

When I hung up the phone, I spied Sage leaving the Astro van with one of his guitars in hand. It was black, sleek and sexy, just like the man himself and his intricately-tattooed forearms bulged as he handled the musical beast. I shook my head lightly, snapping out of my strangely lustful daze, and decided to take my chances with him.

“Sage?” I ventured carefully, walking toward him. He had seen me coming and seemed to be forming excuses in his head already.

“What is it?” he said, barely glancing at me, and walking off toward the backstage doors leading into the building.

I trailed after him. “How are you feeling?”

The question surprised him and he slowed down a bit. “How am I feeling?”

“You seemed a bit snappish at breakfast,” I said. “Last night too. Thought maybe you have an object lodged up your ass or something. Something a doctor should remove.”

I couldn’t believe I just said that. Neither could Sage. He didn’t just slow down, he stopped and gave me an incredulous look. “Excuse me?”

Way to go Dawn, I thought. As if he couldn’t hate you more.

I licked my lips and tried to smile. “Well, do you?”

He seemed speechless. This probably wasn’t good.

But then, he did something I hadn’t expected.

He smiled.

And then he laughed. It was short and brief, but genuine and made the dimples stand out in his scruffy cheeks. It was the best sound I’d heard all year.

Then he shook his head and continued walking off toward the auditorium, strumming his guitar as he went, leaving me with a view of a tight ass in tight black pants.

What I had meant to do was ask if him when a good time to interview him would be. I totally messed that one up.

I watched him go for a few beats, then I decided to give up on him for the day and try again tomorrow. Tonight I was going to concentrate on the music and just the music. If the band wanted to play hard to get with interviews, fine (and if I was going to bungle up some interviews with my big, fat mouth, fine). That didn’t mean I wasn’t going to observe and then compose the best damn live show review. Ever.

I shuffled back to the bus, gathered my purse, my notepad, my tape recorder and the venue’s All Access pass, and went to go catch Hybrid’s soundcheck.

The Devil’s Metal Teaser #2

Here’s another teaser from the upcoming The Devil’s Metal – to be released end of September.

And yeah, Black Sabbath rules.

But first some information for the newcomers:

The Devils’s Metal is a new adult horror romance. What’s new adult? It’s a new genre that deals with 20-somethings. In college, post college…those years. Same personal flavor as YA, but with much more mature themes. The Devil’s Metal is part one of a two book series, the sequel coming out next year – The Devil’s Reprise. Also a chance for a Sage POV in the middle because boy does this man have a wicked story to tell.

Blurb: It’s the summer of 1974 and 21-year old Dawn Emerson has only three things she wants to do: compete one last time in the Ellensburg Rodeo, win back her ex-boyfriend Ryan, and become the best damn music journalist at Central Washington University. But all her plans are left in the dust when she’s contacted by Creem magazine to go on the road with one of her favorite groups, the up-and-coming metal band, Hybrid.

At first the assignment reads like a dream come true. Not only will Dawn land some much-needed credibility as a female music journalist, but she’ll finally get to experience life from the other side of the stage, and maybe crack the drunken, enigmatic code that is guitarist Sage Knightly. Instead, Dawn finds herself on an aging tour bus filled with ego-maniacs, band politics and a whole lot of sex, drugs and rock n’ roll. When monsters start showing up in dressing rooms and some of Sage’s groupies become increasingly strange and dangerous, Dawn discovers the band is not only going places – they’re going straight to Hell.

And Dawn has a backstage pass.

Teaser (UNEDITED – may change prior to publication):

But try as I did, I could not keep my eyes off of Sage Knightly. I just couldn’t help myself. Seeing this man on stage was like watching a lion prowl along the crest of his kingdom. He commanded respect even when he was seated on his chair with only an acoustic guitar at his fingers and when he got up, the Mexican textile strap straining against his neck, every eye in the crowd followed his every stride. Normally Sage was a background figure, quietly commandeering the direction of the show, but tonight, with Robbie subdued, Sage became the star. Without a doubt you knew this was the man who made Hybrid what they were.

I watched as his long fingers expertly picked along to complex and haunting solos. I watched the intensity in his eyes as they stared off into the crowd, calling on his talent from somewhere. I watched his tall frame, his large, rounded shoulders muscling into the heavier chords. I watched his flip-flopped feet tapping to some internal metronome.

And I watched a faint shiver roll through his body. His eyes snapped away from watching Robbie belt out “She Could Have Loved Me” and his vision made a beeline to the front of the stage. There, squished up along the barricade, was a strangely familiar looking woman: Long white hair, pale face, feverishly gleaming eyes. As beautiful as she was, she gave off an immense feeling of dread that gripped my bones. Sage watched her as if hypnotized. The woman smiled up at him.

And in that smile I saw fangs. Her face transformed disturbingly with black holes for eyes, an elongated, wrinkled face of yellow-white, a wide gaping hole for a mouth, teeth protruding. A long tongue slide out, crawling with quivering insects. It licked its absence of lips, curled delicately along peeling skin. I heard noises deep inside my head, the buzzing of bees, painful wails, horrific chants that built up to immeasurable volumes. I felt horror, a terror so complete that I had one thought: I was going to die there on the stage. I was going to lose my soul.

I was going to Hell.

The Devil’s Metal Teaser #1

Since The Devil’s Metal will be released at the end of September (sometime between the 21st and the end of October, seeing how things go) and it’s now September 1st (seriously….SERIOUSLY…how is it? Summer? What? I can’t even…) I’ve decided to put little teasers and snippets up on the blog.

I also wanted to show you this cool Hybrid tank top – I love band merch! (especially fake band merch).

So there’s that…writing about a fictional 70’s metal band gives me so many merchandise and giveaway opportunities, it’s sick. I can tell you tons of awesome stuff will be given out this month – right on!

If you need a refresh over what The Devil’s Metal is about, read the blurb on Good Reads here.


Sage walked over to the table in two long strides and snatched up the bottle. He gave Chip a disapproving squint before coming back to me.

He stepped up close, very close, so that his wide chest was inches away from mine and his towering frame enveloped my whole view. I stood my ground, as tempted as I was to take a step backward.

Sage placed the bottle in my hand, our fingers touching. It was just for a second, a brush as light as a feather, but it rattled my nerves. I struggled to keep my eyes glued to his.

He lowered his voice. His breath smelled like beer and something fresh, like the ocean.

“Is my band just what you expected? Is this what you’re going to write about?”

He was egging me on, daring me.

“I’m not writing anything tonight,” I told him. I put on a mask of false confidence and took a swig of whisky straight out of the bottle, matching the intensity of his gaze. “Tonight I’m just a fan.”

“Just a fan…” he mused, scratching at his long sideburn, black hair against lightly bronzed skin. “Right. And then the next day? And the next day? Do you really want to document a band coming to its knees in its dying days? Is that what a fan wants to see?”

His voice was so low that he couldn’t have been heard over Jeff Beck on the eight-track and the drunken cries of debauchery in the background. What exactly was he telling me?

I flapped my mouth helplessly for a few seconds, trying to figure out how to respond.

He leaned in even further, staring at my lips. I could see two strands of light grey at his temple, the absolute way his eye color matched the silvery underside of a leaf.

“You’re all the same you know,” he continued, almost whispering now. His eyes met mine, mesmerizing orbs through his long curling lashes. “You’re just like those girls over there. Just like those pricks outside. You take and take and take and say you want to be a part of it all but why you’re really here is to witness the fall. Be a part of history. Say you saw it happen. I know what it’s like, Dawn. In a few more years, no one would care.”

Half way through Sage’s speech I was struck by a few slurred words and when I stopped trying to make sense of whatever the hell he was talking about and saw his body sway slightly and how his green feline eyes were lightly glazed, I realized that the rumors of Sage being a drunk were at least partly true. Not that I was judging; I was the one drinking Jameson straight out of the bottle.

“I’m afraid I don’t know what you mean,” I told him, finally taking a step back. I had always dreamed about my first conversation with Sage but I never imagined it would go like this; fully of hostility and drunken ramblings, surrounded by half-naked, fucked-up people.

In which I nip things in the bud

I’ve been feeling on top of the world lately. I’m writing full-time, I’m moving to a beautiful local island with a Mediterranean climate (yeah, it exists in Canada!), my partner is leaving his thankless job and taking over a business. My books are selling well, The Dex-Files continues to win over readers (well, sort of…so many still on the Dex fence!). My agent is going to start pimping EIT to publishers come the fall. Things are good. I’m happy.

I’m just keeping my head down, dealing with the cover for Into the Hollow, plus cool posters and graphics for The Devil’s Metal. I’m writing it every day and think it’s really coming along. I love Dawn. I love the 1970’s. I love the music and the creepy aspect and I love Sage. I have my doubts, of course, as every writer does. Am I good enough? Will people want to read this? Why do I have to write things that aren’t straight-up commercial fare? Is this going to suck? You know, normal doubts.

Then I get kicked in the fucking gut.

A book comes out a month before mine is set to. It deals with pretty much the exact same thing as The Devil’s Metal. And it’s already #66 on Amazon kindle.

You guessed it, I’m talking about The Mighty Storm by Samantha Towle.

So, with a bleeding heart, I look at the reviews to see how similar the books sound and the results shatter me. Like, make me feel like jumping off a bridge. How fucking rotten is my timing. How am I compete with this book? Why would people want to read mine when they can read one that is highly-acclaimed? And seems to be almost the same! And how on earth am I going to stop readers from comparing the two when I’m doing it myself?

Now, I know there are differences between the books. But the similarities are there. Both are about a young female music journalist who goes on the road with her favorite band and falls in love with the hot, tattooed bad-boy rockstar. There are shenanigans with bad behavior and groupies. There’s angst. There’s sex. There’s music. Etc.

As I noted, there are differences. Mine is horror. It’s set in 1974. I was/am a music journalist and many of my own stories have found their way into the book. In Storm, the two lovers were childhood friends and sweethearts and are reunited. There’s another man in the mix. In Metal, Dawn is a fish out of water and Sage is one of her idols. There’s no other man. Mine’s not erotica, it’s horror/romance (I’d say paranormal romance but that has strange connotations with it).

For all I know they are totally different books. As a friend pointed out, you can’t compare Cujo and Old Yeller because they both have dogs with rabies. And I know that. I hear Towle did a fabulous job with The Mighty Storm, making it the next Beautiful Disaster and I do intend to read it….one day, when mine is all done so that I don’t get wrongly influenced.

But the problem I am having – the one that makes me afraid to publish this book – is the accusations that I might get, the ones that say I’m jumping on this book’s bandwagon and that I’m copying it.

Not true. Coincidence is a funny thing but I can say with utmost honesty that The Devil’s Metal came from my little whacked head.

For one, I am a music journalist and I, one day, sick of dealing with real-life groupies of another band, thought wouldn’t it be great to write a period piece that dealt with this stuff, but had a demonic, scary spin on it. I wanted to put my experiences down but make it fun, sexy and entertaining. The Devil’s Metal came to me in summer of 2009. I even tweeted about it and called it The Devil’s Death Metal, before a friend suggested that The Devil’s Metal would be better.

I wrote the book into the fourth Experiment in Terror novel, Lying Season. It’s a hollowed out book in Dex’s office that Perry finds.

I started talking publicly about the book at the start of the summer of 2012 and even talked about it in an interview here:

“I’m just about to start a book called The Devil’s Metal, which I am hoping for a September release date. It’s a 2-3-book series, adult paranormal romance. A lot of it is based or inspired by my work in the music industry. It’s set in the 1970’s and it’s: Almost Famous but with demons instead of groupies. I’m super freaking excited to start it.”

And August 2nd, I wrote the blurb for it here:

I know this all seems like a bit much, but I feel it’s best to nip this in the bud before readers, or god forbid, the author accuse me of plagiarism. Not that I think the author would because she seems like an awesome and talented lady who is soaring into best-sellers list, but speaking from experience, I know what it feels like when you see books that come out after yours that read a little too much the same (don’t get me started on a paranormal YA book I saw about a lighthouse on the Oregon coast and a mysterious guy called Declan or “Dex” because that one did my head in). I’d hate for any author to feel that way.

So there you have it. This is my dilemma. I’ve spent most of my day grappling with whether I should still release the book or not. I still don’t know. I know if I do, I’m going to get some backlash, even with this blog post. I know people will compare my wee little horror/70’s piece to a book that’s not only selling well but getting 5-star reviews across the board. My book will be compared and it will not measure up. It’s not what people want – it’s not straight-up romance and it’s not a tearjerker. I have my work cut out for me and there’s a chance this book will flop…all because of bad, rotten timing.

Of course, it could flop because it flat out sucks but that’s something I was worried about anyway.

Sigh. I don’t know what to do. I might not publish. I might postpone it. Or I still might release it on September 21st and hope for the best. Plug my nose and take the leap.

I will keep writing it though, because it’s a story I always wanted to tell. I just hope my muse is gentle with me and that everything happens for a reason.

I’ll keep you posted.