Sins & Authors – Interview with Janine Olsson

Sins & Authors

Today I’m interviewing Janine Olsson for our Sins & Authors feature. Janine is the author of The Haze (a book that I’ve heard nothing but good things about from very trusted sources) and she’s also one hell of a cool chick.

She’s also been given a special Shooting Scars teaser to share with her readers and I thought I’d share it here with you.


KH: Welcome Janine! To start off, I’m going to ask if you have any tattoos. If you do, where?

JO: Hi Karina, thanks for having me! I love tattoos! I have one on my ankle. I got it on my 18th birthday. The second I could go without parental consent I ran to the tattoo shop. It’s a heart with a rose. I would like another, but I’m not sure of what yet.

KH: The Artists Trilogy is named after Ellie Watt, who is a con artist, and Camden McQueen, who is a tattoo artist. Would you rather be a tattoo artist or a con artist?

JO: Hhhmmm, this is a tricky one! I guess I would pick a tattoo artist. I am fascinated by artists, like Camden McQueen, who choose skin as their canvas. It must be a real rush to draw your art on another person permanently. Although, I will admit the idea of being a swindler like Ellie Watt’s is tempting. She made being a con seem exciting…until it was scary and life threatening. Truth is I would be the worst con artist in the world. I’m a bad liar and guilt over the smallest thing eats at me for years. Even if I tried and wasn’t an epic failure at it, my guilt would have me returning whatever I conned the very next day, so I think it’s best to just live vicariously through Ellie.

KH: The question on everyone’s lips – Team Camden or Team Javier? – Why do you think Javier fans are so passionate about his character?

JO: oh Javier, I totally get the appeal. He’s a real smooth talker, ‘a kinky motherfucker’, that Javier! Whenever he started to sway me to his side, I had to remind myself that he’s a controlling and very dangerous man. I will admit, he almost won me over a time or two…or three…or four. Like when he kissed her after hearing what happened to her leg…yeah, that got me. But as appealing as he was, the thought of Camden always pulled me back. I loved Camden instantly and continued to love him even when I was questioning his intentions. So I am Team Camden!

KH: Camden and Ellie stole $50,000 in Sins & Needles – what would you do with the money?

JO: This question left me daydreaming with a smile. If $50,000 just so happened to fall into my lap, I would travel the world. I’ve always wanted to go to exotic locations and write. To be there, experiencing it all- yeah, that’s what I would do with $50,000. Damn, you are making me rethink Ellie’s con artist life.

KH: Have you ever had a date milkshake? They are really good

JO: Yep, and I enjoyed every sip!

KH: I want one now! Folks, just an aside, if you’re ever in “Palm Valley” (aka the Coachella Valley) go to a date farm (not Uncle Jim’s cuz Javier burnt that down) and get one. Anyway…Janine, tell me about your book, The Haze

JO: The Haze is a unique paranormal romance. It’s narrated by Natalia, an elite vampire, who finds she has a great purpose to fulfill. Her story has many layers and shocking twists. It’s full of action, adventure, family ties, love, and sex. It’s about finding a purpose, believing in fate, dealing with betrayal, control, and personal choice. And it’s only 99 cents.

Janine Y. Olsson
Author of The Haze Series
The Haze on Amazon (just 99 cents!):



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