Sins & Authors – Interview with Claire Contreras

Sins & AuthorsSo. This is the second to last interview for Sins & Authors (sorry for that week off there, I haven’t had the internet) and I can’t say I’m saving the best for last because ALL the authors have been so kind and amazing. But Claire Contreras (author of the popular romantic suspense There is No Light in Darkness and Darkness Before Dawn) is a pretty special author and I’m honored to have her crazy honest yet insightful ass talking to me today about all things TAT. And hey, there’s a Bold Tricks teaser in it for you as well 🙂

KH: Ellie Watt of The Artists Trilogy is a character most readers hate – why do you think she bothers people so much? Can you relate to get? Why or why not?

CC: You know what I’m starting to realize? People, especially women, are very judgmental when they read or hear about a woman that is hurt. Instead of saying, “power to women” and wanting to hold her hand and walk with her in her painful journey of self-discovery, where she’ll make the mistakes she needs to make to find herself, they sit back, cross their arms and judge away. I think THAT is why people are bothered by Ellie. Ellie has a pain to her that we’re all familiar with, if we dare look inside ourselves. She feels pain but she doesn’t want to give in to it. She is hurt, but she doesn’t want to let herself bleed from it. She’s trying not to be the person she thinks she was destined to be, but she makes mistakes along the way. Sound familiar? I think it should…to all of us. So yes, I totally relate to Ellie. 

KH: Javier Bernal is a cheater, a liar, is emotionally abusive, is a drug lord, murders people, etc Why do you think so many readers give him a free pass?

CC: Because he’s an asshole and people love assholes. I don’t think most people differentiate an asshole and a “bad” guy and I will never understand why people would want Ellie, who has been hurt time and time again, to be with somebody who can only give her fleeting moments of hope amongst tremendous pain. BUT I do understand the appeal. He’s a sweet talker, he knows how to you know what, and he’s a master manipulator. AND since we see him in a different light in On Every Street, I think some people got stuck with that vision of Javier. They think despite what he does in Sins & Needles and despite what he does in Shooting Scars, that he wants to be saved. Can you save somebody that’s not completely alive to begin with though? I don’t know.

KH: Camden McQueen is a hero – or at least an anti-hero. Do you agree and why?

CC: Camden, Camden, Camden. I agree with whatever Camden says he is, especially if we’re in the forest. Or a dirty bathroom. Or his backyard. Anyway, he’s definitely a different type of hero, but a hero nonetheless. He goes for what he wants and maybe you see him falter a little in Shooting Scars because yes he goes all out, but circumstances are different. In Bold Tricks though? No words.

KH: If you had 24 hours with Camden, what would you do? If you had 24 hours with Javier? PS you are single in this dream!

CC: LOL! I am single in this dream…I would tell Javier that I was a virgin (haha) once we get that out of the way, I would make him take me to go get tacos because I love them.

Camden…I would let him tattoo my scars. Nekked. Then I want him to take me for a long walk in a muddy forest. Hell, I’d even be down to go camping with Camden and I am NOT outdoorsy.

KH: If you were on the run from the law, what would it be for? How would you evade the police?

CC: Hahaha what makes you think I’m not running right now? I would probably have to run for something stupid like forgetting to pay my taxes or something.  I would move to Canada to evade the police, so when you hear a knock on your door at 2am one day, don’t say I didn’t warn you.

KH: You’re already sending your kids here to stay in my barn and guest cottage, I figured there was a reason lol. You’ve read Bold Tricks…give me five words to describe it

CC: Damn. Only five?!

I’m going to do phrases and then words. I’m really bad at following rules :/.

Adrenaline fueled, heart stopping, stomach punching, breath taking, “just fuck me already!” (the last one was just a thought I had while reading)

Insane, Earthshattering, Amazeballs (I don’t even say this word), Jaw dropping, Genius.  

KH: Would you rather do shots of Tequila on a beach in a drug lord’s house with Javier or shots of Jameson in a divey bar in the desert with Ellie?

CC: Damn. You completely screwed me here and you know it. Fuckdamnshitfuckmother. Sorry, Ellie, you’re my girl, but Javier has a beach and tequila.

KH: You won’t drink Jameson because I force-fed you shots of it, that’s why. Now this is pre-There is no light in Darkness….your character hottie mchottie Cole and my Ellie go on a date. What happens?

CC: He fucks her. I don’t know how the date will start, it depends on how they met, I guess, but one thing is for sure: he fucks her 

KH: And I’m sure Ellie likes it. Tell me about your next book Prisoner.

CC: Prisoner is Dean’s book (a character in Darkness Before Dawn). He’s very mysterious because he keeps to himself and doesn’t talk much, so you never really know what’s going on in that head of his. Because Prisoner is written mostly in his POV, you find out everything there is to know about him. His family is big in organized crime in Chicago, but that isn’t really his life, or it wasn’t supposed to be. He has an interesting journey. 

KH: You’re Team Gus. Can we talk about how rad Gus is?

CC: GUS!!!! I LOOOVE GUS! He’s so badass. BAS.ASS! He’s protective of the people he cares about and knows no limits. AND he has one of the coolest and scariest jobs ever. 

Your Bold Tricks Teaser:


Claire Contreras

Claire Contreras graduated with her BA in Psychology from Florida International University. She lives in Miami, Florida with her husband, two little boys, and three dogs.

Her favorite past times are: daydreaming, writing, and reading.

She has been described as a random, sarcastic, crazy girl with no filter.

Life is short, and it’s more bitter than sweet, so she tries to smile as often as her face allows. She enjoys stories with happy endings, because life is full of way too many unhappy ones.

She is currently working on the second novel in her series.






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