Sins & Authors – Interview with L.H. Cosway

Sins & AuthorsYay this is an exciting one, folks. One of my favorite people is talking with us today – she’s written such books (that, FYI, I’ve loved) such as A Strange Fire and Painted Faces.  Her heroines are always absolutely enjoyable, the writing is fun, and she’s just an overall awesome and supportive person. Please welcome L.H. Cosway and read on her for interview (ALSO there’s a Bold Tricks TEASER PIC at the bottom :D)

KH: Hello!!! Long time no see. So, let’s go back to basics. What made you want to read Sins & Needles and what were your thoughts on it?

LC: Well, obviously I’m a massive Dex & Perry fan so I was eager to read your new series. I also liked the idea of the heroine being a con artist. I thought it read very much like a film, especially when Ellie and Camden get to Vegas. There was something about it that I could just visualise so well and imagine it as this kind of heist/crime/romance flick.

KH: Yah, it’s so fun to meet people who love Experiment in Terror as well. Back to TAT though – It is well-known in S&N and the prequel, On Every Street, that Javier cheats on Ellie…do you think it’s excusable or did she do the right thing by leaving him?

LC: Noooo way, it’s not excusable. She definitely did the right thing by leaving him. But…BUT now having read Shooting Scars and knowing the reason why he cheated I’m thinking it’s not sooo bad…It’s still bad but not as bad as I originally thought. Okay, so I just really like Javier and I want to forgive him. Leave me alone.

KH: You’re all kinds of messed-up. HA! Would your character from Painted Faces, Fred(a), choose to go on a date with Camden or Javier?PF

LC: I think a teenage Fred would choose Camden in a heartbeat, but grown up Fred likes a snappy dresser and if Javier is anything it’s that. Also, she’d notice that mysteriously dangerous air about him, and be like, “Who is that!?” There are lots of men like Camden in Dublin, but dark and exotic Mexican cartel members there definitely are not.


KH:  Word of advice: do NOT let Fred go on a date with Javier…she’ll end up murdered. Or stained!  How would a date between Ellie and Nick go?

LC: I think she’d be wary of him at first, especially if she already knew what he did for a living, ahem. But then he’d sweet talk her and make her laugh in a flirty but playful way and she’d be like, SWOON. Then he might bring her to see him perform and in her head she’d be adamant she wasn’t going to enjoy it. He’d saunter out and sing “Sweet Transvestite” to her with lots of eye contact, making sure she gets a load of his crotch in hot pants. Afterwards Nick would join her for a drink and be all, “Your place or mine, daaahling?” and she’d be like, “Taxi!”

KH: Well, Camden in high school wore makeup, so you’re right, she’d probably like it! If you were a con artist, what would your alias be? What crimes would you commit? Where would you flee to?

LC: My alias would be Liza Woolf. I’d want to do some real classy scam like trying to sell a fake Renoir to a private collector and pass it off as the real deal. Or maybe I’d pose as a swanky airline pilot and forge checks while swanning about surrounded by beautiful air hostesses. Oh, right, I forgot I’m not Leonardo Di Caprio…Since I live in Ireland, if I had to flee I’d go to this place called the Gaeltacht, which I’ve driven through a few times. It’s so desolate that I’ve thought to myself, somebody could get lost here and never be found.

KH: *makes notes to drop off the bodies there* I mean…what? If you could let Camden tattoo you, what would you get?

LC: Oh, God. I’d be so nervous to be tattooed by Camden after what he did to the Mexican guy in Shooting Scars…But I’d force myself to go through with it because that’s a once in a lifetime opportunity right there. I’d get a tattoo of a Javier quote just to be devious, lol.

KH: Do you have an tattoos? If so, what are they?

LC: I do. One is a quote from a poem that says we are the dreamers of dreams, which for me is about being a writer and being able to make anything a reality once you put finger to keyboard. The other is a picture of a fairy which I’m going to keep adding more bits to until it becomes a quarter sleeve.

KH: OMG! I love that! Ellie and Fred seem very different on the surface, but they’re alike in some ways – what ways are those?

LC: I think they’re alike in their insecurities. They were both loners when they were in their teens with these feelings of being an outsider. They’re cynical about people, but also really want to find someone who they can put their trust in.

KH: Tell me all about your latest release, The Nature of Cruelty

LC: The Nature of Cruelty is a new adult romance about a girl called Lana who has a love/hate relationship with her best friend’s brother, Robert. Truth be told, Robert is a bit of a dodgy character with some sociopathic tendencies. He bullied Lana when she was younger and at the beginning of the story she hasn’t spoken to him in six years because he lives in London now. When Lana finds herself going to London to spend the summer with Sasha, Robert’s sister, Robert manipulates the situation so that they have to live in the same house. As you might guess, lots of drama and angst ensues.

KH: I’m so excited for whatever you write, so let me know what else we can expect from you in the near future!

LC: Why thank you! I have another romance in the works about a street performer and a concert violinist, but no set release date as of yet. In December I’ll be putting out the last instalment in my urban fantasy series.

KH: One last thing- who is the better man for Ellie?

LC: Well, obviously it’s Camden, but I just love Javier so much. It’s not my fault that there’s something wrong with me. So yeah, I think Camden and Ellie would be able to get away from the drama and make a nice life for themselves and have lots of little tattoo babies and I guess that’s best for Ellie’s future. If she stays with Javier there’s a good chance she’ll end up in a shallow grave…And on that cheerful note, I bid you good day!

LH Cosway

L.H. Cosway has a BA in English Literature and Greek and Roman Civilisation, and an MA in Postcolonial Literature. She lives in Dublin city. Her inspiration to write comes from music. Her favourite things in life include writing stories, vintage clothing, dark cabaret music, food, musical comedy, and of course, books.







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