I was amazed at all the support for Shooting Scars (and all those lovely reviews, seriously, you guys…when you’re happy, I’m happy! AND when you’re pissed off at me and the characters and rolling your eyes and ranting…I’m still happy! Hahahaha, that’s what happens when you’re a sadist – I love it when you’re both happy and mad!)


So, without further ado, here are the winners of the contest (all winners have been notified):


A $25 gift certificate to my RedBubble store goes to….Alexandra A!


A $25 gift certificate to Amazon goes to…Chelcie!


A one-page scene in TAT (of my choosing – that will appear on this website here) goes to ….. Barbara Lopez, Katy Plaisance and Sasha!


AND THE GRAND PRIZE….a three-page scene of her choice in either the TAT, EIT or TDM world goes to….




CONGRATS EVERYONE!!! And thank you SO so much for all your support ❤

And if you didn’t win, remember…this epic contest below is going on for the next two weeks…

giveaway pic



  1. Wow, how cool is that. Congrats, Ana Rita! I’m too curios which Book/Charas you choose. But if you keep it between you and Karina I would totally understand this;) Have fun!

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