Would you rather with Rachel Van Dyken

ruinWell, well, well. Today I have a special treat for you! I got to play Would You Rather with the one and only Rachel Van Dyken (her latest release, Ruin, is hot on the charts). Holy prolific author, Batman! This was so much fun and it was such an honor to twist this lovely woman’s brain around. So…here we go!

KH: Would you rather lie in a box full of angry scorpions for a half an hour or walk in the Sahara for three days without water?

RD: The idea of not having water TOTALLY freaks me out–I say angry scorpions, i can do anything for thirty minutes, right??

KH: Would you rather be in a loving relationship with Michael Cera, in a life where you have a million luxuries, or in a loveless but sex-filled marriage with Ryan Gosling, who cheats on you all the time?

RD: I had to think about this one. Im actually ashamed that I had to think about it. Ryan Gosling is…well there are no words, but cheating would make me castrate him in his sleep and then I’d be husbandless and probably be in prison for murder—so lets go with Michael Cera?

KH: Would you rather live in the world of the House of Renwick or the world of London Fairytales?

RD: House of Renwick..I mean I love fairy tales don’t get me wrong…but the rakes in Renwick are my ultimate….

KH: Would you rather have a night of hot sex with The Bet’s Travis or with Ruin’s Wes? (tough one, I know)

RD: WES!!!!!!!! I love Travis, but Wes is so sensitive that I’m guessing it wouldn’t just be about the physical but everything else…Wow is it hot in here?

KH: Okay…so that wasn’t a tough one! Would you rather be the powerful yet righteous princess or the wild and wicked stepmother?

RD: Powerful Righteous PRINCESS..i was a wicked step mother for my entire childhood–it scarred me for life and she never gets the prince. Two giant thumbs down.

KH: Would you rather have Kristen Bell or Amber Heard play you in the movie based on your life?

RD: I love love love both those actresses but in the end I’d have to go with Kristin bell I dig her personality 😉

KH: Would you rather never listen to music ever again or never see a movie or TV show ever again?

RD: I’d rather never watch TV again I don’t think I could survive without music!

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