Sins & Authors – Interview with Kimberly Stedronsky

Sins & AuthorsHope you’re all having a fabulous weekend. Thanks for continuing to read these interviews, me and the awesome authors really appreciate it! Today we have Kimberly Stedronsky, author of the Roam Series and the upcoming novel Eighth Note, which I can’t wait to read. Seriously she let me know a little bit about it and all I can say is GIMME GIMME NOW!!!

Welcome Kimberly! Now, in your own words describe what Sins & Needles is all about

Sins & Needles is about Ellie Watt’s determination to begin a new life while leaving behind a past of trauma and heartache. She runs into Camden McQueen again by chance, barely recognizing the dark, disturbed boy she once knew from her childhood. Hardened by life, Ellie decides to target Camden and his tattoo business as her next con. Camden won’t let her get away with it, and then realizes that he doesn’t want to let her get away at all. The past surfaces, shit hits the fan, and Camden is just so hot… oh, sorry, I got distracted. And Ellie is faced with a decision that will change both her and Camden’s lives.

Time to ask the serious questions  – Ellie finds herself being sucked into the past by two different men. Discuss what Javier represents to her and what Camden represents.

Javier represents protection. He is a dangerous outlet for her, relieving her of the fear of a life on the run, and numbing her from thinking about the consequences of revenge.

Camden represents survival, the future, and finally coming to terms with a past that has haunted her throughout her entire life. He was her first friend, her first love, and acknowledged her when no one else would.

Which man is better for Ellie?

Gus. Hands down. She needs this father figure in her life to accept her for who she is and to encourage her to heal. Then Camden, of course. Javier, you’re pretty slick, but you scare the shit out of me. Please go away.

Was not expecting that answer but I love it! Team Gus! Do you think it’s possible for all characters to find redemption? What would they need to do?

They can all find redemption. No one is born good or evil, but have the equal capacity to do both. They must forgive their own faults, and the wrongs that have been committed against them.

That being said, Javier should go in on a suicide mission to fuck Travis up something fierce, relieving Ellie from the suffering pain of revenge. Ellie will be Camden’s future, keeping his rage at bay and reciprocating his unconditional acceptance.

Also, Camden should pretty much be shirtless throughout all of Bold Tricks. I know it’s finished, but there is still time for edits to make this happen. FYI.

Mmmm I could make that happen! You’re on the run from the law – what crime did you commit? What is your getaway car? And what’s your new name?

I’m a pretty straight arrow- unless you mess with my kids. Then I’m balls-out going to end you. My getaway car would absolutely be my powder blue minivan, complete with my lame-o stick figure family and volleyball magnet. Add a car seat and I’m practically invisible to police. My name would be Kristy Swanson, because OG Buffy was my hero in high school.

Favorite scene in Sins & Needles?

My favorite scene in Sins & Needles is a quiet one. Ellie is mourning, and she and Camden go to the cabin at the campgrounds. They talk, they make love, and it’s really just such a turning point in the way Ellie feels about Camden. She admits to herself that she may end up loving him. I love that little oasis in the storm of all the crazy that is happening to her.

You’ve read Shooting Scars…what can readers expect?

Without giving anything away, you’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll hide your eyes and read between your fingers (holy shit that tattoo gun. Eff.) You’ll ride along with Ellie and Camden as they make decisions based on feelings, emotions, and survival. If you don’t agree, you’ll at least relate. Best ending ever- so excited for Bold Tricks!

Tell me more about your series, Roam…what makes it stand out from other new adult books out there?

The Roam Series is awkwardly hanging out in new adult, even though the fans I’ve met range from fourteen to eighty-six. Roam is a paranormal time-travel romance.

The story begins with Roam Camden, a seventeen-year-old girl who discovers that her high school history teacher, West Perry, has been searching for her throughout lifetimes. There is a prophecy, revenge, history, reincarnation, unrequited love, rape, sarcasm, sex, an evil king, magic, monsters, music, time travel, suspense, sadness, blood, carnage… and, of course… true, undying love. In no particular order.

The series follows Roam from seventeen to thirty-seven, and ultimately explains why the prophecy was cast thousands of years ago. It stands out in new adult because it’s really not. It’s a story with a little of every genre. The only thing missing are brooding vampires and hot, tatted street fighters. I’ll try to work those into my next book. J

Eighth Note (Fire Ballad One) is a new, standalone horror series featuring Eva and Will from the Roam Series, coming Halloween 2013.

Can’t wait, you know me and my freaky mind, I’m going to be all over that book!

Kimberly Stedronsky
Kimberly Stedronsky is an independent author. Her first series, Roam, is a new adult/ mature young adult, time travel romance.

With a degree in Early Childhood Education with a Child Development Specialization, Kimberly also writes children’s fiction.

Stedronsky resides in Ohio with her husband and three children.

She is the author of the Roam series, a NA Fantasy series. So far there are 6 books and one novella in the series.



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  1. Love the interview. Haven’t read Sins and Needles or the other books, but after this, I am definitely interested. Loved the Roam series by Kimberly Stedronsky and can’t wait for her new one, Eighth Note. I love Eva and Will in the last series. You are right. Roam series has a little of everything.

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