Sins & Authors – Interview with Ashley Wilcox

Sins & Authors
How’s everyone’s weekend turning out? Well, if you’ve got strange grey weather and are cuddled up inside, this might be a great day to perhaps re-read Sins & Needles and/or On Every Street to prepare for August 20th’s release of book #2, Shooting Scars (10 days!). You should also read this interview I did with Waiting For Forever’s Ashley Wilcox AND pick up one of her books when you’re done.

On with the show!

KH: Hey Ashley! Thanks for coming and talking all things Sins & Needles today. First off, what made you want to pick up Sins & Needles?

AW: Jamie Sager-Hall. All she did was rant about it in every group we were in together, so finally I broke and bought it. If it was THAT amazing, I had to read it!

KH: I love Jamie! She’s my pusher *grins* All three characters in the books, Ellie, Camden, and Javier are terribly flawed. What is your take on flawed characters?

AW: Flawed characters bring drama to books. They make you want to go crazy, cry, and scream, but they’re also what makes you keep turning the pages…they’re unpredictable. BUT, they also make for good happily ever afters. When you follow them through this f’d up world then finally reach peace, and happiness, you appreciate it more.

KH: That’s true! The more shit you go through, the more fucked up you are, the more of a relief a happy ending is. I should keep that in mind *winks* OK, describe each character in one word:

AW: Camden- Determined Ellie-Sad Javier-HOT!

KH: Would you rather be a con artist, a tattoo artist or a drug lord?

AW: Con artist. I think being a tattoo artist would get old, and I have no artistic ability. None! So, I don’t even see that being possibly- even in fairytale land. And drug lords scare me.

KH: Drug lords SHOULD scare you! If you were on the run, what would it be from, what would your alias be and what’s your getaway car?

AW: FOOD! I’m such a fat kid. Lol. If I could drop it and run, that would be amazing. I have no clue what my alias would be, but I’d definitely be sporting a Cadillac Escalade. I’m not a sports car kind of girl. Give me a dope SUV and I’m golden.

KH: Yeah, I run from food too…but it keeps catching me! Okay, Team Camden or Team Javier and why?

AW: Honestly? I have no clue. This is the first series EVER that I don’t have a side. At some points I was all TEAM CAMDEN- they deserve each other; well, at least Camden deserves Ellie. It’s the only guy that you see the “real” Ellie with- I like how she is when they’re together. BUT, then there’s Javier!! He’s so wrong that he’s good. Let’s be honest, he’s not the most stellar guy; one that you’d be bringing home to show off to the rents, but god damn, is he hot. And he loves hard…kinda…in his own f’d up way.

KH: You’ve read Shooting Scars…tell people what they are in for when it releases on the 20th:

AW: Ahh god! I loved this book. I couldn’t put it down; neglected my kids for an entire day and almost missed my anniversary dinner with my husband because of it. It’s an adventure. So many times I said to myself, how in the hell does Karina know or think up this stuff. It’s truly amazing. I can’t imagine anyone not liking it.

KH: Ha ha, awww hope the hubs isn’t too mad at me. Did you threaten him with Coffee-mate? 🙂 Tell me about your next book, Running From Forever

AW coverAW: Though Running From Forever is a spin-off of Waiting on Forever and the 5th book in The Forever Series, it’s 100% a standalone- like most of my books are. You meet Kayla Reynolds in Waiting on Forever as a slutty sorority girl. She’s got issues- lots of them, but now, almost four years later, and graduated from college, she’s ready to leave everything behind and start fresh in New York City. She has it in her mind that she’s going to be this big business woman, putting all her focus on her career, nothing like the girl she once was, but then steps in Miles. He’s the CEO of the company she works for…and he’s hot…and rich…and yeah- he’s hot and rich! Need I say more? But some things unfold that kind of put him in the dog house, making her run into the arms of another guy…Merrick Drake. Merrick is the opposite, but someone Kayla is drawn to and can relate with on levels that she could never with Miles. Though it sounds like your typical love triangle- it’s not. Not even close. Keep a look out for it- it comes out September 22nd.

Ashley Wilcox
Author of the Forever Series, a set of novels filled with steamy new adult romance and a happily ever after.



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