Sins & Authors – Interview with JA HUSS

Sins & Authors

TGIF. AMIRITE?! To celebrate with talk to the very talented JA Huss, author of Tragic & Manic, and the sci-fi Junco series. Tragic…my goodness, has one of the prettiest covers ever…let’s admire, shall we?


Very nice. You know I love those cherry blossoms!

SPEAKING OF! KEEP READING – There’s an exclusive teaser of Shooting Scars below! IT’S A HOT ONE!!!!!

KH: First we must get this out of the way…you have two donkeys called Paris and Nicole…I just wanted to say, that is awesome. AWESOME. I love donkeys and our new house has a barn and one called Pedro…unfortunately Pedro is going with the landlord to his new home. Anyway, to tie this in with The Artists Trilogy…if Ellie, Camden and Javier were animals, what animals would they be?

JH: I love the name Pedro! That’s totally cute for a donkey! I can see Javier as a jaguar. He’s stealthy and dangerous, yet beautiful at the same time. I think Ellie comes off as something in between dangerous and innocent, but also a free spirit, so I’d make her a bird, like a golden eagle. Camden is good looking, artistic, protective, and a bit of a loner—so I’d make him a wolf.

KH: Camden is a tattoo artist and Ellie is a con artist in Sins & Needles…if you had to get Camden to tattoo you, what would you get? And if you could pull a con with Ellie, what con would you pull?

JH: Oh, this is a good one… I have a few tattoos already but I’ve always wanted a very retro tattoo, like diving swallows, but thin-lined and with subdued colors instead of bold-lined and bright. So I’d get him to make up something like that.

If I did a con with Ellie I’d choose a quick one! I’m not into the long con because I’m a terrible liar and it makes me nervous. So, maybe a pool room hustle, although that doesn’t end well for her in Sins and Needles!

KH: Let’s not forget Javier…what are your feelings on him?

JH: Wow, well I sorta fell hard for Javier at the end of Sins and Needles. He surprised me with how he acted at the end. So going in to On Every Street I was totally up for getting to know Javier better and maybe even trading Camden in… hehe. But I confess, Javier scares me. So I’m not in book lust with him anymore. I am totally Team Camden.

KH: Tragic is one of the books I’m currently reading (I am currently reading, like, ten but I ADORE Rook’s voice). If your female MC Rook had to choose either Camden or Javier, who would she pick and why?

JH: Although Rook is drawn to possessive men like Javier, I think she’s had enough of that for one lifetime and she’d choose Camden. Compared to Javier, Camden is reasonable. And his love for Ellie seems to be genuine and based on the friendship they shared as kids. Every girl deserves someone who loves them for the right reasons.

KH: Tell me about Tragic, Manic and the next book you have coming out in the series. Are you still writing your sci-fi, I am Junco?

JH: Tragic, Manic, and the third book Panic—which releases in October—are about a girl who escaped an abusive relationship and fell into a dream modeling job, except it came with some pretty unusual strings. It’s really all about her coming to terms with her past and being able to put it behind her and move forward. She has a relationship with hottie Top Model Ronin and she’s chasing her dream of going to film school, but it’s a difficult struggle for her. And yes, I am still writing the Junco books. The last book in that SF saga will release in December.

KH: Are you looking forward to Shooting Scars? What do you hope will happen in the story?

JH: I am so looking forward to Shooting Scars! I don’t want to give any spoilers away, but I hope Ellie can get rid of the past that’s dragging her down ::cough Javier::: and settle into her future with Camden! I hope it’s Camden! I also hope that Ellie can just learn to be herself. She’s been pretending to be someone else for a while and I think she’s tired and just wants to accept who she is, what’s done is done, and settle into the life she deserves.

KH: Describe The Artists Trilogy in ten words…cuz I can’t 😉

JH: This is so hard to do! I have trouble doing this for my own books! But I’d say:
Love, trust, and self-acceptance overcomes cheating, lies, and broken hearts.

JA (Julie) Hass
I’m Julie Huss and I write new adult fiction under the pen name J. A. Huss and non-fiction science under the pen name J. Anne Huss. My fiction titles include Clutch, Fledge, and Flight – the first three books in the new adult series, I Am Just Junco. I also have more than 190 non-fiction titles that cater to teaching science to home learners.

She also has a blog:
I Am Just Junco website:






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