Sins & Authors – Interview with Barbie Bohrman

Sins & AuthorsYou all know who Barbie Bohrman is, right?! NO!? WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT?! Okay, well, Barbie is not only one of the most entertaining and intelligent people I know (a lethal combination) but she’s an author, too. She wrote Promise Me which was just picked up by Montlake Romance. Not bad for a debut novel (and, oh, she’s pretty damn talented). She’s also a good person to fall onto when you’ve had too much to drink (sorry, Barbie…Irish Car Bombs are never a good idea) and be squished in an NYC cab with. Today, I talk with Barbie about Sins & Needles and you’ll want to hear her alias name (she’s an importer/exporter).

Also, there’s one HELL of a Shooting Scars teaser at the end…

KH: BARBIE!!! BABS! HELLO! Okay to get things into focus for those who haven’t read The Artists Trilogy, describe On Every Street (the prequel novella) in one sentence:

BB: It’s Ellie’s & Javier’s sultry tale about their all consuming love for each other which was born of lies, revenge, and obsession…and was doomed from the moment they met.

KH: Now, do the same for Sins & Needles.

BB: Ellie Watt is hoping to shed her skin and seeks redemption from her sins, but she soon finds herself going back to her old ways and having to face her past in ways she never expected in the form of a 6’2″ sexy tattoo artist who forces her to take part in the biggest con of her life…love.

KH: You DO have a way with words. Okay, so it’s no secret that you’re Team Psychopath, I mean, Javier, why do you love him so much?

BB: What’s not to love about him? Well, besides all the lying, killing and psychotic behavior.
For me it’s his love for Ellie and how he’s willing to do whatever it takes, in his own extremely twisted way, to win her back. It doesn’t hurt that the man exudes sex appeal. And the dialogue…my God, the dialogue between them…the chemistry and sexual tension just jumps off the page.

KH: Why do you think there is such a divide between fans of Camden and Javier?

BB: I see it as a good vs evil kind of thing. Kind of like Darth Vader vs. Luke Skywalker or Spy vs. Spy.
Camden is a good person at his core, not angelic but definitely not on par with Javier. And for those that love Javier, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re sick and twisted in the head…well maybe lol.
The Camden fans have a hard time I think wrapping their heads around the fact that Javier, even though he’s crazy and the “bad guy”, loves and cares about Ellie. But even I can agree to their argument that he has a funny way of showing it. And even though I’m Team Javier through and through, I can appreciate Camden’s relationship with Ellie and how much he means to her. I mean, come on Team Camden…bad guys need love too!

KH: Hottest sex scene in On Every Street

BB: No question…the beach. I can’t even. Seriously.

KH: For the love of god, WHY should people read this series?

BB: It has so many different elements to it; suspense, romance, action, sex, and even humor…something for every reader. But besides all of that it’s the characters that make you want to keep turning the page, specifically Ellie Watt. She is the non-quintessential heroine and that’s why I love her, flaws and all. And why I tell a lot of people to pick this series up. You will devour it. You will be enthralled from the moment you read page one and won’t stop until the very last page.

KH: Glad you think so. What would your alias be if you were on the run and what would you be on the run for?

BB: Art Vandelay. I’d be on the run for something stupid like pirating movies or something lame. I’m so not criminal material, hence the alias name.

KH: How well can you picture yourself as Ellie? Can you relate to her?

BB: I can picture myself being Ellie pretty well actually and can totally relate to her. Her actions and inner thoughts specifically. While I was reading Sins & OES I felt protective of her because I would find myself thinking that’s exactly what I would do but at the same be like “Girl, you really shouldn’t be doing that.”
It’s especially easy to relate to her because she is so flawed like I said before. No one is perfect and Ellie is far from that, but she knows she wants to be a better person. She wants to be good. Clean slate. Who doesn’t want that for themselves after such a shitty life has been dealt to them?

KH: What would your getaway car be?

BB: Steve McQueen’s Bullit Car: 1968 Ford Mustang 390 GT 2+2 Fastback <—–HOT!!!

KH: If you could have Camden tattoo you, what would you get?

BB: Angel wings on my back for a couple of reasons…but the most important of them would be because I’d have to be topless for a long period of time. TMI??

KH: NEVER! You just recently signed a publishing deal with Montlake Romance. Tell me about that…

BB: I did! I’m still in shock and can’t quite believe it. So far it’s been a fantastic experience and they have been amazing every step of the way. They are relaunching Promise Me for late September and I couldn’t be more excited about it!

KH: And congrats again! Tell me what you’re releasing after Promise Me.

BB: I’m currently writing Playing It Safe, a spinoff with Julia & Alex, 2 of the secondary characters in PM. It’s soooo different than PM…much more comedy and yup, sexy times. So far, this one is much more fun to write and I’m going to be really sad when I have to say goodbye to them.

KH: I look forward to it! Thank you Barbie!

Barbie Bohrman
Raised in Miami until I moved to the Garden State in my early 20’s.
When I’m not busy with my munchkins, I’m an avid reader, movie junkie and lover of all things pop culture.
This is my first foray into writing anything of length and I am truly humbled by the experience.

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6 responses to “Sins & Authors – Interview with Barbie Bohrman

  1. Damn.. that teaser was great! I wish someone would offer to make me “his queen!” But the trade-ff (giving up on being good/better) is a high price to pay. Any person who truly loves you wouldn’t ask that of you. But I do believe Javier loves Ellie in his own way. I will always be TeamJavier, but Camden is her soul mate! Can’t wait for Shooting Scars to get here!

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