Sins & Authors – Interview with Carey Heywood

Sins & Authors

We have Carey Heywood up here in the house to make your Munday that much more exciting. For those who don’t know, Carey is an extremely awesome lady and the New York Times and USA Today Best-Selling Author for Him. I was fortunate enough to snatch up a copy of Him when I met her at Book Bash – she actually gave me her proof copy. How is that for fabulous? Anyway, Carey and I had a little chat about Sins & Needles, On Every Street and yes…a little bit of the man who holds her heart, Dex Foray.


KH: Now, everyone who reads the prequel – On Every Street – seems to have a different opinion of Javier Bernal afterward. Did that book change your feelings toward him in any way?

CH: In Sins and Needles Javier is the thing she’s running from. In On Every Street you watch them fall in love, even I fell in love with Javier until I watched him break her heart.

KH: Flash forward to Sins & Needles: Hello. Camden McQueen! What is it about Camden that you love?

CH: Ohhhhh Camden! His appearance, the image in my head of him gave him a jump start but in the end it was his devotion to wanting to make things right is what did it for me. He does things he’s not proud of but he is focused on saving the people he cares about.

KH: Give me one reason why Javier is good for Ellie and one reason why Camden is good for Ellie (if you have no reasons, that’s okay)

CH: Javier is good for Ellie because even after everything they have gone through she is still able to sympathize with his mission, not always his actions. She can see he doesn’t want to be a monster. Camden is good for Ellie because with him she can see a future she never thought was possible. He can turn the things she thought were ugly and hid about herself into something that no longer holds power over her.

KH: Favorite sex scene out of the books?

CH: Camden’s backyard…holy moley!

KH: You’re a fan of my other series, Experiment in Terror – who would make the best book boyfriend and why (Dex, Camden or Javier?)

CH: I think Camden would make the best boyfriend in real life…on paper. Really, my heart belongs to Dex. The obstacles that delayed the romance element for Dex is what did me in. It wasn’t in my face, it wasn’t instalove, he stole my heart over time.

KH: If you were on the run from the law, what would your alias be, what would the crime be, and what would your getaway vehicle be?

CH: Hmmm, I would be Chloe Harrison. My crime, this is hard…if anything maybe my curiosity. I could see myself going into some restricted area and seeing something I wasn’t supposed to see. My getaway vehicle, I think a motorcycle, like a crotchrocket would be really fast and could maneuver into snug places but…I do not know how to drive a motorcycle so….um, a car. I am clearly no criminal mastermind.

KH: I’m in the middle of your book HIM and I absolutely love your heroine’s voice. I could be friends with her. Could you be friends with someone like Ellie Watt?

CH: Yes, but I have a feeling she would somehow talk me into signing my bank account over to her. I think she would feel some remorse and not take everything I had but I think her friends, the people she actually allows herself to trust, are people she has known for a long time.

KH: Tell me about your next book, Her

CH: Her is a followup to Him, a second chance romance. It covers much of the same timeline but from a different perspective, his. In Him there was a seven year separation between my main characters Her covers that period and goes out past the ending in Him.

KH: If I could put you on the spot and make you blurb Sins & Needles, what would you say:

CH: An invitation into the mind of a criminal, not unlike a car wreck…impossible to look away but you will love every second of it.

KH: Love it. Thanks Carey!

Carey Heywood
Indie author of Him, Stages of Grace, Uninvolved, A Bridge of Her Own and coming Nov 2013, Her. Current WIP is titled Better.




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