Sins & Authors

Sins & Authors sqSince Shooting Scars (the long-awaited sequel to Sins & Needles) is being released in August and Bold Tricks (the final book in the trilogy) is being released in October, I thought it would be fun to gear up for the event. But instead of the same old, same old, I thought I would do something different.

You see, I love talking to other authors. And I love talking about my books. So in August, every day I interview an author who I admire who has also read Sins & Needles and/or On Every Street (and loved it, naturally!) and we dish about Camden, Javier, Ellie and a whole bunch of other fun stuff. The author then shares a promo teaser pic from one of the books (including Shooting Scars!). At the end of the month there is a giant giveaway – one winner will win signed copies of my books, the other winner will win 30 -ebooks!!! That’s right, you can win a book of your choice from each author – how cool is that?


So what authors are fans of The Artists Trilogy? Here’s who I’m talking to this month:

Courtney Cole (If I Stay)

SL Jennings (Fear of Falling)

Janine Olsson (The Haze)

Kenya Wright (Fire Baptized)

Carey Heywood (Him)

Barbie Bohrman (Promise Me)

Jessie Lane (Secret Maneuvers)

Chelsea M. Cameron (My Favorite Mistake)

JA Haus (Tragic)

Ashley Wilcox (Waiting on Forever)

JD Salisbury (Fighting for Flight)

KT Grant (The Gate)

Joanna Wylde (Reapers Property)

MJ Abraham (Resplendent)

CC Brown (Shattered)

Misty Provencher (Cornerstone)

Kimberly Stedronsky (Roam)

Jenn Cooksey (Shark Bait)

Melissa Brown (Picturing Perfect)

Stephanie Lawton (Want)

Lori Otto (Lost & Found)

Rachael Wade (Preservation)

RL Griffin (By a Thread)

SL Scott (Good Intentions)

Nikki Narvaez (Envisioned)

Nenia Campbell (Cloak & Dagger)

Vanessa Kimble (Piercing the Fold)

Ella Fox (Broken Hart)

LH Cosway (Painted Faces)

Claire Contreras (There is No Light in Darkness)

Rebecca Espinoza (Binds)

K.A Tucker (Ten Tiny Breaths)


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