Lost in Wanderlust

liwpicThis is my Chinese Democracy.

If you’re a fan of Guns N Roses, you know what that means.

That long-promised, long-awaited project that takes forever to come to light.

Lost in Wanderlust was supposed to be published last summer…it wasn’t. Why? Well, obligations. I had a short window to write it but ended up doing EIT novellas instead. Then I was hooked into writing the EIT and TAT books I owed people and publishers.

I went over the story the other night and had the urge to continue writing it – unfortunately I am in the middle of writing Bold Tricks and that can’t happen. Then I thought, okay next month…but no, I owe The Devil’s Reprise to Diversion Books. And then I have a million other books competing for space in my head.

It’s a risk too. Lost in Wanderlust is a romantic comedy – based on a screenplay I wrote many years ago. It is told from the POV of a 35-yr old British Journalist (Chris Warner) and through the diary excerpts of the travel writer woman (Jamie Cooper) that he’s trying to track down. He’s not an alpha male. The woman can be annoying. But I love the characters and the story and would love to release it one day. The only thing holding me back NOW is the fact that I have a non-compete clause with my publishers that I can’t release this story (or any romance) without offering it to them first…and I can’t offer it to them until the winter. So as you can see, no matter if this gets self-published or trad-published, I can’t release the damn thing for quite a while, even if it was written.

But, you know, I do have about 20% of the book down (ALMOST the first act, if you were to compare it to my screenplay).

And I thought…hey…why not share it with you? It’s the least I can do.

To read the first 20% of Lost in Wanderlust (unedited), PLEASE CLICK HERE: Lost in Wanderlust 20


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