Author Signings 2013

author signings

I’ve got a bunch of author signings coming up in 2013 – after the success of BAE in Boston this March, I LOVED having the opportunity to meet readers and authors in person. Sadly, I won’t be going to RT in Kansas City anymore thanks to financial reasons and book deadlines BUT I am going to enough to hopefully make up for it. AND if anything comes up in the Pacific Northwest, I’ll be sure to try and be a part of it too!

** Book Bash – Orlando, FL – June 29th


** NYC Author Signing – NYC – July 27th


** Phoenix Author Signing – Phoenix, AZ – September


** Toronto Author Signing – Toronto, Canada – October 5th


** Richmond Virginia Author Signing – Richmond, VA – December


** New Orleans Author Signings – New Orleans, LA – February 2014


** Chicago Author Signing – Chicago, IL – May 2014




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