Commonly asked questions of the moment

77Starting this off with ^^^ a dream come true. I’ve been self-publishing since May 2011, have TWELVE novels under my belt (including my pen name erotica) and have never gotten this far. #77 in the Top 100 out of all Kindle books on Amazon. Thank you, thank you, thank you to everyone who not only bought Sins & Needles but gave it a chance. And especially those who loved it. It’s a personal story to me and I’m extremely proud of it. And, I feel slightly smug to the certain people who were sure this book wouldn’t sell (*cough* publishers). Hell, you write what’s in your heart and you can’t go wrong!

Anyhoo, I thought I’d address some commonly asked questions I’ve noticed floating around.

1) What is the deal with the cliffhanger in Sins & Needles? OMG HOW WILL I LIVE?? I’M GONNA CUT YOU KARINA HALLE!

EEEP! I don’t write them on purpose (though EIT fans may say otherwise). I write the book the way it tells me it should be written. Sometimes, it’s just where that story ends and usually someone gets something wrapped up. If you’re Team Camden, you should be pretty happy…OR MAYBE NOT. Anyhoo, cliffhangers happen and I will try my hardest not to have one in Book Two, Shooting Scars. But, you know, when you have a trilogy, it’s kind of hard NOT To have each book lead to the other…think about Lord of the Rings! At least you don’t have to wait a year like traditionally published books (AM I RITE?)….which brings me to question two…

2) When is On Every Street and Shooting Scars coming out? April and July? I can’t wait that long!

You don’t have to. On Every Street (a prequel novella about Javier and Ellie back in the day) will be released in March and Shooting Scars will now be released in May! 

3) But what about EIT? Dex and Perry! We need more EIT books!

Come Alive (EIT #7) will be pushed back two weeks or so…so instead of a May 21st release it’ll be the first week of June. No biggie! Plus you all get Dex (And With Madness Comes the Light) on Valentine’s Day!

4) But what about the sequel to The Devil’s Metal?

Well, that’ not 100% up to me since the book was picked up by Diversion Books. But I can tell you Sage and Dawn’s story (oooh, sexy rockstar times in Europe…uh…with demons) will be written this year, and most likely published in the fall. Kind of  a perfect book for Halloween, no?

5) I want to read Sins & Needles but I have a Nook or Kobo…

Download your epub file from Smashwords! Super easy (they have an FAQ if you get stuck). Kobo and Nook can take weeks and weeks to get the books on their system, but Smashwords costs the same  – download HERE

6) I want Sins & Needles paperbacks

Me too. They are coming, as soon as next week maybe, you’ll be able to buy from Amazon.

7) Will you sign them?

I’m terrible at mailing books (as in get them in the mail, sign them, and then go to the post office), so probably not. BUT I am trying to work something out…they would be quite a limited supply.

8) Sins & Needles merch?

It’s coming, just need a few days to set things up…I’ve got to add the Twatwaffle hoodie/shirts to Redbubble first, then I’ll think of some interesting S&N merch ideas…

9) I love the music in the book…do you have a playlist?

Yes, I am a huge music lover (music journalist by trade…only relevant because I’m always trying to show the underdog bands some love, like Guano Padano) and I always write to playlists. You can find mine HERE.

10) Ellie didn’t seem as good of a con artist as she said she was…meanwhile, Camden was always calling her by her full name. And Javier…what’s his deal?

Hmmm, funny how that can be sometimes. And yes, Camden does use her name a lot…perhaps to remind her of who she truly is. And Javier? Well…you’ll see very soon…;)

3 responses to “Commonly asked questions of the moment

  1. I’m soo happy for the success of S&N (kind of sounds like S&M when I put it that way…oh well) And I’m totally ready to purchase it in paperback when its available so I can display it on my shelves (cant help myself!). I’ve been blabbing to everyone I can find about the awesomeness of that book, and all the rest. I have no idea how you can write so many books a year, but I’m certainly not complaining. I love them all. I also cant wait for Lost in Wonderlust!!! I do have a question though, completely unrelated to S&N. When will Into the Hollow be released on paperback. Ive been looking for it periodically and havent seen it? I’ve got to add it to my collection!

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