The Devil’s Metal – Teaser #5

So the book is currently in my editor’s hands, and to my surprise, she’s loving it! (hey, she can be a very picky, hard-assed reader lol – I love you Kara! But I bite my nails when I wait for your opinion! LOL)

Been hearing back from my beta readers too and so far, they love it! Some quotes below that I’ve taken from some emails:

Kass says: Sage. SIGH. New fiction love interest haha.

I can’t get over how much I loved this book. The characters we so.well.done.

The sex scenes were AMAZING. Pretty hot, everything I want in a sex scene. Definitely made me squirm. You sure do know how to write those!

I hope other EIT fans give it a chance. It’s brilliant 🙂

A definite 5-star book. LOVED it 🙂

Emmy says: Damn. I love your crazy, brilliant mind. I LOVE THE END! Those last 2 chapters.. FANTASTIC. *shouty caps necessary*

The sex scene was something else. Not very sweet at all but they were horny and I can only image someone like Sage taking the reigns for the first show down. The cock tease part was hella hot!

I LOVE LOVE LOVE how strong Dawn was.

This was 5 stars for sure. Loved it.

And they are both HUGE EIT fans, so their praise means a lot to me. I gotta say, it’s really, really hard to write your first non-EIT book (I can only imagine the pressure on JK Rowling for the Casual Vacancy). There’s a lot of pressure to write something great, distinctive and addictive. Something that EIT fans will enjoy but will also attract new fans. I hope I’ve done this here, but regardless, I had a load of fun.

NOW – The Devi’s Metal teaser #4 (unedited – may change prior to publication)

It happened in the blink of an eye. He lunged across the gap and pushed me down onto the bed by my shoulders, his incredible weight on my body, hips crushing into my hips. He pinned my arms above my head. His face was inches from mine, lips curled angrily, wired eyes searching my widened ones.

“You say that so easily,” he growled near my lips. “A rough few days. Is that what you think this is? Just a rough few days?”

“N-no,” I said squirming beneath him. I didn’t fear Sage. But I feared men when they had too much to drink.

“I thought you were different, Dawn. The only one on this tour left with a heart and soul.” His eyes flared with indignation.

“I am different,” I protested, so conscious of the proximity of his mouth to mine. I stopped squirming and let his hands hold my arms to the bed. If he wanted to feel powerful, I was going to let him. But I was going to get what I wanted too.

“You have no idea what I’ve been through,” he told me. His demeanor softened and his grip on my wrists loosened. He still kept his face as close as possible, whether to intimidate or tease, I wasn’t sure. I did know I wasn’t about to back down.

“I have some idea,” I whispered, my eyes volleying with his. “But I’d like it if you could tell me the rest.”

“Are you here to make me feel? Is that part of the plan?” he sneered delicately.

I blinked at him. Feel? Feel what?


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