My favorite Young Adult website

Actually I have more than a few favorites (and, really, I need to start updating my links list here – man, having a website can really suck up a lot of your time), but one of my BIG favorites is the wonderful, fantastic, always hilarious, often witty and forever endearing, FOREVER YOUNG ADULT.

I’ve been reading their website for years now – long before I even wrote my first novel – so imagine my delight when, last year, Jenny from the website agreed to review DARKHOUSE.

Imagine my delight when SHE LOVED IT. I took a shot with this website, not knowing if they would review my novel or not. I mean, it is technically self-published and I had encountered so many reviewers who raised their noses at self-published books. But she took a chance and it paid off. For both of us! She has a new series she loves and I have a new fan. And I’m forever grateful for every single reader who takes a chance on my books. I understand the self-pubbed stigma, but just like indie music, just because it’s not on a major label, it doesn’t mean it’s not any good.

Last week, there was a fabulous review of RED FOX – it’s hard to paraphrase their cute way of rating/reviewing, so a trip to their blog via THIS LINK should help.

And this Tuesday there will be a review of my third Experiment in Terror book, Dead Sky Morning, followed by an author interview on Wednesday! I’m deeply flattered that I was asked to take part in an interview, joining the ranks of some really great, well-known authors. I mean, me, I’m just nobody really so it’s really gratifying and humbling at the same time to be featured on their blog. I hope you’ll enjoy reading it – I get to play a game of MASH! *fingers crossed for Robert Downey Jr.*

Anyway, I’m sort of rambling. But I’m excited and just had to share 🙂

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