My List of Unintentionally Scary Movies

Getting into the Halloween spirit, I was trying to think of movie I could watch that would scare the shit out of me.

There were some usual suspects like The Shining and The Exorcist. But most of the titles that flashed through my mind were kid’s movies. Either movies I found scary as a child, or movies that weren’t meant to scare children. In my clouded memory, it’s hard to tell the difference. Was I really supposed to be scared of the little midget people in Willow? So I decided to compile a list of movies that freaked me out as a child, unintentionally or not. Some of these films I would like to watch, just to see if the scare tactics still work…I did that with Poltergeist last year and found while the guy ripping apart his face in the bathroom was scary, the tree reaching into the window and grabbing the boy was not.

Anyways, here it goes…

Unintentionally Scary Films:

The Never Ending Story – That dog was freaky! I know, I know he’s cute…but still. And then the horse, in the swamp and, and…

Labyrinth – Hands grabbing her: Scary! Muppets juggling their heads: Disturbing! Eyes in wall: Creepy! David Bowie in Spandex: oddly mezmerizing.

Return to Oz – And this is supposed to be a children’s film? It’s NOT. PS don’t watch it on mushrooms.

CareBears the Movie and the Sequel – Shut up. It had scary bits.

Jacobs Ladder – Don’t think that was a kid’s film.

The Witches – Anjelica Houston at her scariest.

Twilight Zone the Movie – Theeeeeeeeeere’s. Some. Thing. OnTheWing. (ditto for The Simpson’s version)

Arachnophobia – Need I say more?

The Secret of Nimh
– There is something mildly disturbing about that film. Just so….uneasy.

Lost Highway – Again, not a child’s film. But Robert Blake with no eyebrows is scary as hell.

Jurassic Park – Raptors will haunt your dreams!

Ghostbusters – There was something in her fridge

Dumbo – Shut up. Don’t tell me you weren’t scared by the psychotic Pink Elephants on Parade.

The Birds – His eyes were pecked out!

Flight of the Navigator – The 1st half of the movie was creeeeepy. Then Sarah Jessica Parker showed up.

The Last Unicorn – Weird, trippy stuff. Leaves a bad taste in your mouth.

All right. That’s my somewhat lame list (yes, I am a dork). Feel free to share me yours by reaching out to me on Twitter (@metalblonde)





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